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Bayr: Offener Brief an Entwicklungs-Kommissar Piebalgs: Parlamente müssen Akteure im Entwicklungsprozess sein

Anlässlich des am Montag stattfindenden Außenministerrats zur Entwicklungszusammenarbeit appelliert Petra Bayr, SPÖ-Bereichssprecherin für globale Entwicklung, an Entwicklungskommissar Piebalgs, es als EU-Position zu übernehmen, dass auch Parlamente in die Implementierung und das Monitoring des Entwicklungsprozesses nach 2015 als wichtige Akteure aufgenommen werden. Im Folgenden der offene Brief von Abgeordneter Petra Bayr im englischen Wortlaut: ****

Open Letter to Andirs Piebalgs, Commissioner for Development

Honourable Commissioner Piebalgs,

At the Foreign Affairs Council meeting on the 19th of May ministers are going to debate the post2015 Agenda. According to the Agenda ministers will take stock of the ongoing process and discuss EU positioning for the coming months.

The post2015 Agenda has the potential to be ground breaking: All countries of the world will agree on universal goals in order to eradicate poverty and hunger. The ongoing process in its design and implementation is  new in history. Countries will share common and universal goals. For rich countries, like the EU-MS, this implicates also a change in consumption patterns.

As a Member of the Austrian Parliament I am aware of the crucial role Parliaments play in all these challenges: We are the representatives of the people. Me and my colleagues in the national Parliaments of Italy, of Bangladesh, of Ruanda or elsewhere in the world know the needs of their constituencies. For this I am asking you to raise your voice for the inclusion of MPs (in addition to civil society representatives) in the implementation and the monitoring process of the post2015 Agenda. The lack of parliamentary involvement in the definition of the MDGs and governance over their implementation has had a negative impact on national ownership of development plans and the level of their success. We have the chance now not to make the same mistake in the post 2015 Agenda again.

As a best practice example let me highlight the ongoing Development Cooperation Forum (DCF). DCF is one of the many foras where the new agenda is debated: Members of Parliaments are part of the discussions, they influence standpoints and priorities and I am very proud to be one of them.

I am fully aware of the long way ahead of us in ensuring strong, accountable and transparent parliaments all over the world. Many of my colleagues still struggle heavily with corruption and the lack of democratic governance. That's why the Interparliamentarian Union, the IPU, advocates for a stand alone goal on democratic governance in the post2015 agenda. I fully support this call for action.

Honourable Commissioner,  I ask for your support and the support of the whole European Union in securing the inclusion of national Parliaments as well as the regional and multi-state Parliaments as strong actors in the post2015 agenda.

With kind regards  Petra Bayr,  Member of the Austrian Parliament  Chairwoman of the Subcommittee for Development Cooperation  (Schluss) ah/mp

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   Tel.: 01/53427-275

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