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Petra Bayr
Member of the Austrian Parliament

Born on April 28th 1968 in Vienna

1974 - 1978Primary School in Vienna
1978 - 1986Secondary School in Vienna, Matura

Professional History

1983 - 1986Editor of a pupil’s magazine
1984 - 1985Freelancer at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF and different youth magazines
1986Inscription at the University of Vienna, studies of sociology and pedagogic
1986 - 1996Moderator and coach in extracurricular youth work
1994 - 1997Employee at the ÖIAG, the Austrian Industry Holding Corporation
1994 - 1996Parliamentary assistant
1997 - 2001Coordinator at “ega” communications- and culture-centre for women
Since 2001Civil society networking, anti-racism activities and international relations at the SPÖ Vienna
2011 - 2013Master of Arts Human Rights, Danube University Krems, Master Thesis: Die österreichische Aids Politik betrachtet durch eine Menschenrechtsbrille
2013 - 2017Master of Legal Studies, Danube University Krems, Master Thesis: Der Straftatbestand der Verhetzung im österreichischen Strafgesetzbuch


Political History

1984 - 1997

Youth section of the Trade Union for Private Employees, inter alia chairperson of the pupils’ and later of the students’ trade union, deputy chair of the federal youth section

1985 - 2002Activist at the women’s section of the trade union for Private Employees
Since 1986Activist at Social Democratic Party of Austria in Favoriten (a district of Vienna) e.g. at “Young Generation”, at a local section, at the women’s organisation
1990 - 1992 Chair of the Women’s Commission of the Austrian Youth Council (ÖBJR)
1994 - 1996 Member of the District Parliament of Favoriten/Vienna, responsible for drug prevention
1996 - 2002 Member of the Vienna City Council, focus on environment, urban planning and inclusion of people with disabilities
1999 - 2001 Chair of “Young Generation” of the SPÖ Favoriten
1999 - 2003 Chair of “Young Generation” of the SPÖ Vienna and member of the Executive Board of the SPÖ Vienna
Since 2000 Chair of the SPÖ Women’s Organisation in Favoriten and deputy chair of the Social Democratic Party in Favoriten/Vienna
Since 2002 Member of the Austrian Parliament, SPÖ spokesperson for global development, chairperson of the sub-committee for development cooperation
2003  Founder of Plattform stopFGM – Austrian Platform to end female genital mutilation
2007 - 2011Vice chairperson of the committee on environment of the National Assembly and spokesperson on environment of the Social Democratic Party
Since 2009 Deputy chair of SPÖ Women’s Organisation in Vienna
2008 - 2010 Co-chair of the "Leadership and Accoutability Programme Committee" and member of the "Conference Coordination Committee" to prepare the XVIII international Aids  Conference "Rights Here, Right Now"
2009 - 2015Member of the Executive Committee of the European Parliamentarian Forum on Population and Development (EPF)
2010 - 2016  Deputy Chair of Globe Europe (Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment)
2011 - 2017Head of Austrian AWEPA Section (Association of European Parliamentarians with Africa)
2011Founder of “Mothersnight” – an Austrian platform to raise awareness for maternal mortality in the global south
2011 - 2017Member of the Governing Council of AWEPA
Since 2012 Member of the Board of Trustees of Rechtskomitee Lambda, Austria’s lgbt-rights organisation;
Since 2012Member of the Advisory Group on Health of the Inter Parliamentarian Union (IPU)
2012 - 2016Senior Parliamentarian Advisor for FGM programmes of AWEPA International
2013 - 2017Steering Committees Member of the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism
Since 2015 Board Member of Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA), Co-Convenor of the Gender Equality and Population Programme (2015), Treasurer (2016-2019), Convenor of the International Law and Human Rights Programme (since 2020)
2015 - 2017Member of the Governing Council of AWEPA International, political coordinator on aid effectiveness since 2016
Since 2017Vice President of International Planned Parenthood Federation Europe (IPPF EN)
Since 2017Member of UNITE Parliamentarians Network to End HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis and Tuberculosis
Since 2018Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)
2018 - 2020Vice President of European Parliamentarian Forum on Sexual and Reproductive Rights (EPF)    
Since 2020Chairperson of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination at the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council
Since 2020President of European Parliamentarian Forum on Sexual and Reproductive Rights (EPF)