Petra Bayr

Bayr begrüßt leichteren Zugang zum medikamentösen Schwangerschaftsabbruch

„Endlich ist es möglich, dass Frauen eine ungewollte Schwangerschaft innerhalb der ersten neuen Wochen niederschwellig durch einen medikamentösen Abbruch beenden. Lange hat es gedauert, die Erleichterung ist groß“, gegrüßt Petra Bayr, 02.07.2020
11 Jul 2020

@kshoang Oder „schau ma einmal!“

11 Jul 2020

RT @Anpatzer: "Die Ministerinnen"

A.#Rohrer in der #ZiB2 10.7.20

11 Jul 2020

Frauen müssen Zugang zu Pille, Spirale & Co. haben, auch in Krisenzeiten. Mehr als 230 Mio Frauen haben lt UN keine…

11 Jul 2020

RT @EPF_SRR: Today, on July 11 #WorldPopulationDay, we need to foreground the sexual and reproductive health #SRHR needs and vulnerabilitie…

11 Jul 2020

#Women & #girls need access to modern & reliable #contraceptives, also in times of crises. According to UN more tha…

10 Jul 2020

Last meeting of committee on #equality & non-discrimination of the @PACE_News with reports on the need to uphold…

Putting an end to greed: The interaction between respect for human rights and the protection of nature

13 July 2020 from 1:30 –3:00 pm CEST

Traditional inhabitants and indigenous peoples are guarantors for the continued existence of natural areas. But the greed for resources does not stop, which is why the overexploitation of nature is increasing seemingly unchecked. Preventive mechanisms to protect indigenous peoples and local communities are crucial to halt this trend. Irresponsible business practices, state negligence and impunity for human rights violations that harm people and nature are leading to prolonged destruction of livelihoods, health risks, gender-based violence and ultimately to the undermining of efforts to take meaningful climate change mitigation measures. This webinar provides first-hand experience of the damage caused by the extractive industries in the Amazon and the Kolwezi copper-cobalt belt. The most important developments in international human rights law will be discussed with representatives from the world of politics.

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